Montag, 19. April 2010

Can flipping is fun

So there I was. In Orvolle. As I had planned it for some time now, I just refitted my Iteron V for combat and was off to the belts to try some canflipping. Of course, my idea was simple:

Since nearly no one engages even frigates these times, I'm gonna try and look like a complete pillock in a weak-ass hauler attempting to really steal the ore instead of just flipping it.

And I really found an unsuspecting(?) miner, peacefully sucking his roids... as I approached and took his ore, I deliberately put some emphasis on taking my time in aligning, then stopping again as I noticed he hadn't aggressed yet, thinking he might be afk but to my disgrunt, after a minute or so he accepted a convo and confirmed what I had been suspecting already... he saw my 3 corpies in local (I think from our logistic division but ofc that couldn't convince him) and preferred to stay still until I left to a neighboring system, transferring back to 0.0 for a fleetop.

Today, after returning from school (at 6pm -.-), I decided to
try again with my char I had podded back to Osmeden during lunch break since my clone hadn't been ready yet, but again, the first Retriever refused to agress, so I went on, scanning down Cargo Containers for 10 minutes or so (because I couldn't be bothered to check the 8(?) belts manually) until finally, I found belt full of mining barges and exhumers, most of which warped off after I entered the grid but fair enough, I think 2 stayed and one of them even had a can out.
Although he had another 2 corpmates in local (one of them stood next to the can flying a hauler), I decided to go for it and flipped his can. Yet again, nothing happened. Then he launched another can, and some minutes after I took this obvious bait, another one. As the timer was halfway through, I was on the verge of warping off and sure enough I did after the miner's 3rd corpmate entered the belt in a Republic Fleet Firetail of which I knew that my T1-fitted hauler wouldn't stand a chance against.
After One round of docking games I went for a gamble and warped to the Orvolle gate and jumped with the intention of switching my experimental funfit for something capable of "real" PVP. As he didn't pursue me, I hopped into my plated Thorax and swiftly returned to Osmeden, just to find my friend, the miner, back at work, with a can out. Seeing they had alerted another corpmate in the meantime, I hesitated to take the bait at first, and dicked around a little, bumping him and agressing another miner that was present but since he didn't aggro back (what a surprise) and a short but aggravating convo later, I took the risk and flipped the can of my previous "victim".
Almost exactly at that moment, two of his three remaining corpies warped in. A Blackbird, I thought. Just great. And a Tristan. Since I was already jammed and tackled, I thought "oh well, they had some time to prepare so the BB prolly has Gallente jammers on it... seems that's as far as I go today..." But then I noticed that I still had the shiny set of Warrior IIs in my drone bay which I had almost forgotten to buy for the Firetail beforehand so I launched them and set them to aggressive... now all I needed was the BB to miss a cycle and to my utter surprise he really did. However, it looked like he was buffered to hell and beyond and since I was already at half armor I considered the fight to be over and expected a lot of painful KB smack for losing a T2 fitted, rigged Thorax to a Cruiser, Mining Barge and Frigate.
But yet again, I thought too soon as the BB missed another cycle. In a desperate attempt to save my ship, I tried to lock up the Tristan, holding my fingers above my drones->engage hotkeys, ready to issue the engagement order (not expecting too much though) and as I got a lock, all my already overheated guns, drones and modules went ablaze and started chunking away the tackler's shield. He went down pretty quickly but I already noticed the hauler pilot from earlier warping in in a Caracal as my armor buffer failed and I started dropping through structure. At the very last moment, my drones got a lucky shot in, vaporizing the damn Tristan and blowing it to a million of bloody pieces. However, there was not much time to celebrate. I abandoned my brave Warriors and spammed the warp button. A deep sigh escaped my throat as my warp drive activated and my burning Cruiser escaped to safety while we exchanged some well-deserved gf's.