Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

EVE 0.0 PVP for n00bs - Part 1 - Fleet composition

Hey there, I'm back! Today, I'll talk a little about 0.0 Warfare mechanics aka how it works over here, starting at the single tackler frig leading to the infamous T1t4n2.

So... tacklers. Basically they're everything that has a point (Warp Disruptor/Scrambler), web (Stasis Webifier) or bubble (Warp Disruption Sphere Generator, Interdiction Sphere Launcher) fitted. However, since bubbles can only be fitted to (Heavy) Interdictors and BS's need their slots for other mods, the most commonly used ships for the role of tacklers are frigates and destroyers (mostly their Tech 2 counterparts, Interceptors and Interdictors). This group is often called the "frigs" and is placed at stargates or close (0-30km) to targets to prevent light enemy reinforcements from dripping in or escaping.

Above the frigs, there is the "support fleet", or "support". The support includes Cruisers, Heavy Assault Ships and Battlecruisers as well as the frigs, meaning all SubBS ships apart from Stealth Bombers, Covert Ops, (Force) Recon Ships and Command ships which have special roles to be explained later. The support fleet consists of agile medium sized ships stationed at 30-100km to the target, supporting either the frigs at keeping the gates clear, the BS at killing the enemy support or act as the main fleet itself.

Then you have the Battleships. BS's are usually the backbone of the fleet engaging either at long range (150km+) or short range (50km-), fighting the enemies' BS or support fleet. BS's are the fleets primary source of damage and as such must be protected against dangers like Interdictors warping right an top of them, preventing them from warping for a minute or two while their fleet is free to shoot yours.

At last, there are the Capital Ships. These consist of Carriers and Dreadnoughts, used commonly in either providing remote repairs and heavy Fighter drones for the frig fleet (Carriers) or applying massive amounts of damage to enemy structures and capitals in "Siege Mode"(Dreadnoughts - usually close range).

Special roles:
Recon Ships: Provide support through electronic warfare like jamming (Falcon), capacitor draining (Curse), webbing (Rapier) or... um.. Gallente... providing 5-minute-Cynosural Fields (Arazu).
Covert Ops: The eyes of the fleet commander. They are either stationed far away from gates leading to the system concerned, keeping an eye on enemy fleet movements or busy getting into good positions for "warp in"s (Warpin: Position at convenient range for the allied fleet to open up on the enemy or to bubble them).
Command Ships: Sitting around making the fleet more awesome through providing system-wide boosts to velocity, HP, recharge rates, damage, etc.
Stealth Bombers: Frigate-Sized ships capable of launching a single projectile (a bomb) that explodes approx. 30km away from the point where it was launched, in the direction the Bomber faced. Can be used to fail or, if done right, annoy/destroy the enemy fleet in a single blow.
Supercarriers: Advanced carriers (duh) employing fighter bomber drones which dish out damage equivalent to Dreadnought.
Titans: Huge piles of scrapmetal locked down in POS fields capable of moving the fleet forward some systems. Also capable of killing ordinary capitals in one shot.

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