Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

Where are we going?

So, I thought I should make another post here since it's been a while. I wont talk about 0.0 PVP this time but about EVE in general and where I think it is going at the moment.

...You know, usually when a game company (for example Blizzard ^^) has a huuuge mass of subscribers, they tend to morph into the kind of "milking the community" group we hate so much.

As a result, these devs would focus on developing shiny new features or game mechanics that yield them so many new customers just because it worked in the past, and abandon things like Support or community work (i.e. GM work or keeping the forum users in line) since when looking at a million customers, losing 200-300 wont hurt so much compared to maintaining a professional customer support team or big GM group.
Even though many companies were blamed for milking their players (especially when item malls are involved) but as soon as a game reaches a decent player base, it basically becomes unkillable, making it a suitable model for copying. WOW has had many "clones" (meaning games with similar game mechanics) that profited from it and some had features that surpassed the "original" and many are still alive today.
However, most of them stayed below the radar and were barely able to creep out of mother WOWs shadow.

So how is this related to EVE? Maybe you noticed that I didn't give any examples, which is because its simply my theory and I am just writing down what I'm thinking (stream of consciousness ftw). What I feel about EVE, CCP even, is that after 7 years of hard work they saw that the model of 2 free expansions per year were a good way to go. Everything went fine as long as they provided suficient input. Nevertheless, I feel like that plan has two major flaws.

The first one is splitting up their capacities. To my understanding, all went fine until they openly started working on DUST 514, in addition to WoD .
I don't know about any interna but it doesn't really matter whether or not they actually split up the dev team, as it could already have been enough to focus on too many projects at a time, inevitably prioritizing EVE development less and less while trying to maintain two expansions per year.
Again, I'm clueless. I can't imagine CCP didn't foresee the influences of PI or the new sov system, and I can even see advantages in the current situation that the devs may have opted for but I really think its time to move on and fix the things that need fixing (see eve-o forums - commit excellence).

The second problem, that may also hinder "fixing the game" aka AFK Empires, was/is underestimating the lobbies.
See for example the North, the Drone Regions, the southeast or the southwest, with their huge capacities for carebearing and money making which are exclusively possessed by the NC, Russians, Renters etc.
Now imagine CCP increasing SOV costs or limiting Corp/Alliance member limits.
Massive whining on eve-o would ensue, like it has happened in the past, and undermine any initiative by CCP.

So what should they do? My opinion is that something must be done to rewind a bit of the process that has been made over the last few years. The standards for PVP are so high nowadays that blobbing is the only way of winning a battle and no one should truly be enjoying that (at least not with the laggy servers ^^).


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