Montag, 26. Juli 2010

My truth?

This is my entry to the Inspired By Images Of Eve Competition 2. More details and links to all entrants can be found at Starfleet Comms.

Heh. So you want to hear about my motivation to support Sansha? Well. I'm going to tell you. The moment didn't come until the aftermath of one operation when I realized Nation's greatness.
I was on my way back to my staging point when I closed my eyes to gather my thoughts...

...After a short break, I opened my eyes again... greeted by the vast emptiness of space as I stared out into the void, rethinking what had happened today... we had done good work, the Friends of the Nation had once again disposed of yet another of those despicable CONCORD officials... he hadn't even budged when my Taranis' warp disruption gear held him down, the slaves had saved a decent number of new citizens from the malicious inlfuences of the empires' propaganda and Nation's glory had been well displayed... but right at this moment, for some odd reason, I couldn't really focus on the things at hand- I saw the interface of the sympathizer channel blinking ferociously but somehow I couldn't be bothered to attend that meeting...

Looking back, I think after all those years of floating around in space, entangled in missions of one sort or another, I had just experienced one of these moments in a capsuleers pitiful life where we come to realize how beautiful the world around us truly is, what bliss only some of us sought to protect while most drown in their endless pursuit of money and blood...

The humming sound of the tech surrounding me, the blinking and buzzing and beeping sounds of the electronic parts of the ship, all of them made me... remember my first days as a capsuleer.
When I had first experienced the slight feeling of rapid movement evoked by warping, when I had first felt the warmth of a sun's radiation that hadn't been completely filtered, had witnessed the gleaming of the alloys and compounds that formed the entity manufactured solely for protecting my weak body, the first time alone in the vacancy of space, when there were no such things as politics or ideologies for me, the very day on which I had first embarked on my long, long journey... all those naive thoughts that cross your mind from time to time, flashing up on my inward eye just by the scene presented before me, for it was a bizarre harmony formed by the blurred image of close and distant stars and clouds passing and the sleek lines and curves of my ship, that long-time ally that had accompanied me for many months now that made me so completely incapable of doing anything but smile for a moment, all on my own this time...

...what a strange moment indeed, I thought, turning back to my affairs... Master had truly lead me on the right way in just the short period that I had been following him.
Just to be able to freely enjoy this image made me realize I was finally free of the poisonous influence of the Caldarian ideology that had been injected into me for so many years... and I decided I would follow Sanshas Nation until the day I died.

For the Nation.

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