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EVE 0.0 PVP for n00bs - Part 2 - Fleet movement

So I figured I should finally continue this guide...

Concerning fleet movement, there are two main points; travel and battle.
Usually, the fleet has to move to other systems and must search for enemy fleets to begin with.

At first, the fleet will form up in the alliances or corporations staging system, until the FC and his assistants decicde the numbers are high enough. The commander will then assign a destination to the fleet and it will start heading towards that system, either in "travel mode"(also "free flight" or "BURN MOTHERF***ERS") or system by system.
The pattern in which this is done is always the same. At first, one or two scouts will enter the system, usually flying either an interceptor, covert ops, stealth bomber, recon or interdictor. He
will report directly to the FC, telling him about a number of things:

-is the gate clear?
-If not:
-distance to the gate?

-local count? (number of blues, if necessary)
-any 360° max range scan results?
-any other relevant information (200 AU warp, mobile warp disruptors, etc)

Following the scout, the rest of the fleet will enter the system, when in free flight,
the smaller ships first, when travelling as a whole, everyone at once.
Sometimes, a rear scout is designated that warns the fleet of gangs incoming from behind.

Mostly, the fleet will "hold" one system next to the one where the fight is expected to happen,
meaning all fleet members will stop at the gate leading into said system, disable all brackets and special effects and wait for orders.
When the FC decides it is safe to jump, he will issue the order. In case an enemy fleet waits behind that gate, he will probably start calling primary and secondary targets and have the fleet align to some celestial (planets, stations, suns, etc).
If the incoming damage is too much for the logistics to repair, the order to warp out will be given. Now everyone unable to warp is to STFU unless he is important (as in capitals, fleet command, command ship etc).

At the warp out point, it is prudent of the FC to assign an interceptor with the role of a rolling safe spot, which means for that pilot to align to a certain celestial with maximum speed to allow the fleet to warp to him in case they get probed and ambushed.
Now it is time to either prepare for bailing or warping back in at a more convenient position.
When warping back in, the order to align wil be given again and the fight will continue until one side or the other is crushed or bails.

Retreating from a battlefield means that you probably lost the fight and that the enemy knows that you did (because they just fucked your shit up). If you are lucky, your fleet will be able to vacate the system through your incoming gate in which case you can simply run back to your staging point hoping not to get jumped on the way, if you are unlucky you will probably either have to log off (Attention- Dick move, you WILL get flamed for that!) or be forced choose a longer route through potentially hostile space, avoiding the camped gate.

that concludes the second part of EVE 0.0 PVP for n00bs, I don't know when I will have the time to write the next one, stay tuned!

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